Transport Engineering Conference and Exhibition

4-6 October 2021


This conference is the first of its kind, as it is characterized by its comprehensiveness in discussing the three recognized branches of transportation (Land, Air and Sea). The conference is not only concerned with means of transportation, but also discusses the ability to use engineering standards and prepare appropriate designs, research, development and follow-up everything that is new in the transportation engineering sector, and even offering alternatives to engineering solutions for road, railway and airport projects, as well as choosing the most appropriate technical and economic solutions, in an attempt to develop and update everything related to this sector.

The conference also promotes engineering principles in the fields of transport engineering, including transportation, roads, building materials for roads, railways, airports, traffic engineering and related systems, as well as mass transport planning, traffic safety, advanced technologies, and the ability to apply and develop these engineering principles. And discuss the knowledge related to informatics in addition to the investment of computer programs in engineering representation and design and planning of roads and their development and traffic control systems. This conference comes based on the state’s adoption of technological innovations and developments and its keenness to provide everything that serves the citizen and raises the name of the state to the ranks of major countries.

Conference Program

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Conference objectives

  • The conference aims to shed light on the achievements that have been made in the field of various transport engineering in the State of Qatar.

  • Searching for scientific and engineering developments in the transportation engineering sector.

  • Employing the acquired engineering knowledge and principles, to analyze systems and build integrated systems that meet the needs of this sector and rely on scientific foundations.

  • Self-learning to benefit from modern and innovative issues in various fields of transportation and traffic, and to use new engineering software.

  • Shedding light on the current challenges facing major projects in the State of Qatar and coming up with recommendations that contribute to improving and raising quality standards.

Conference Sectors

First Sector

Land transportation

Second Sector

Marine (Sea) transportation

Third Sector

Air transportation


The conference will host a number of speakers with experience and competence various fields of transportation in order to exchange their experiences with the delegates by presenting workshops, seminars and lectures during the three days of the conference.